Women Like Men Who Are MEN

OK guys. You may not like this one. Have you noticed that there’s a huge tendency towards ‘feminizing’ yourselves as men lately? Everywhere you look, guys are demasculinizing themselves in the hopes to have more success with women.

I’ve some news for you: women like men who are MEN.

I actually mean: strong, masculine guys who know who they are, what they want, and who have enough self-confidence to do and be what they believe best.

Not a pathetic whimp who attempts to attract women through its complete ABSENCE of anything that might possibly ‘offend’ …

Women are attracted to men because… they’re MEN

 … like being up-front about attraction … like teasing them and making them laugh … like daring to cross ‘boundaries’ in a playful, laid-back way  … like taking RISKS and being a MAN.

Enough of us have bought into the concept that to be ‘a man’, and to telegraph to women the fact that we – like everyone else with a pulse – actually enjoy sex, and wouldn’t mind even HAVING SOME from time to time, is a BAD THING if you want to attract a woman.

The result?

A strange and cloying tendency to ‘befriend’ women, act like their therapists, and generally attempt to repress any shows of genuine attraction or sexuality in the hopes of coming in ‘under the  radar’.

This kind of behavior positively reeks of spinelessness – and not only that, but MANIPULATION.

That’s right: men who try to suppress their own inherent maleness in order to get women are:

– manipulating themselves, by pretending that basic aspects of their character are not  ‘appropriate’ and therefore do not exist

– manipulating HER, by lulling her assumed ‘suspicions’ and pretending to be and want something that, respectively, they are not and do not.


Part of having ongoing success with women is recognizing the fact that you are a MAN, remaining true to that manhood, and never apologizing for it.



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