Use Reverse Psychology To Escape The Friend Zone

You don’t want to end up being  “just her friend.”

You want MORE than that … much  more.

And the way to achieve your goal is to MAKE HER THINK YOU’VE CLASSIFIED HER AS A FRIEND.

It’s called reverse psychology.

A classic way to do this is, when you meet a woman you’re attracted to, tell her that you think she’ll make a really cool … FRIEND.

This might seem like dumb advice … unless you actually think about it.

Let me explain.

By DISQUALIFYING yourself as a potential lover, you are making yourself UNATTAINABLE to her – and thus, more likely to make her want you.

Most women are fairly used to men hitting on them. When it happens, it’s usually nothing new … and it’s certainly nothing particularly INTERESTING.

This is because of the “scarcity = high value” equation: when something is scarce, it seems very valuable and desirable.

When it is EASY to get (i.e. NOT scarce), its value decreases accordingly.

But when something is DIFFICULT TO GET, or RARE, it is perceived as VERY valuable.

When you DISQUALIFY yourself as a potential suitor for that woman by telling her that you think of her as a FRIEND, you are making yourself difficult to get.

You ALSO make her wonder why you’re not attracted to her … and thus, you ALSO become a CHALLENGE.

And therefore, INTERESTING and VALUABLE.

And if you’re a valuable person, you’re probably a high VALUE person (i.e. social value, which is one of the things that will ALWAYS flick a woman’s attraction switch.)

And if you’re high value, chances are you’re higher value than HER.

And therefore, you are a ‘catch’.

Get it?

Making yourself seem UNINTERESTED in pursuing a sexual or dating relationship with her will NOT do damage to your chances. In fact, it will make her MORE LIKELY to be interested in you.

The trick is to drop the “you’d be a cool friend” line, and then KEEP UP the subtle flirting and teasing and generally confusing behavior. The trick is to keep her guessing – and to get her to like you, WITHOUT erecting her ‘uh-oh this guy’s
after me too’ shield.

Dropping the concept of ‘friendship’ into a conversation, AS LONG AS YOU KEEP UP THE FLIRTING AND TEASING, does two GREAT things for your prospects:

– It makes you seem high value (you don’t seem to want her, like everybody else does, so you’re different … AND you’re scarce, and therefore automatically valuable.)

– You are a challenge. She’ll be wondering why you’re not attracted to her – and this will make her DETERMINED to attract you.


So next time you meet a woman you’re attracted to, don’t make the mistake of fawning all over her and making it obvious that you’re interested in her.

But don’t go the OTHER way either, and totally scrub out all traces of sexuality.

Make it clear you’re a “physical” kinda guy through your conversation and your physical contact with her and others (playful punches, thumb-wrestling, palm-reading, short hugs, hand-slapping, etc), and tease her in a playful, fun way … but DON’T GIVE THE GAME AWAY.

Make her wonder why you’re not attracted to her … and make her determined to GET your attraction.

The treasure will just fall into your lap.



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