The Shocking Truth About Sex Appeal

Researches in Austria have shown that women can actually change their perception of a man based on the car he drives.

Women prefer men with cars that show dominance and power.

In other words, there is some truth in the stereotype “tight car + nice car = nice chick”

Human reproduction is not just about sex and a man’s status can make a big difference.

Choosing a partner is a small part of the game, and then you have to keep that partner.

 In a sense, you have to build a nest with that partner. You need to raise children together.

Attractive women may date men who are as not handsome as they are beautiful because they are trading for other characteristics such as social and financial status.

As shown in this video, a small experiment reveals how social and financial status can change a woman’s perception of a man:

That being said, there are seduction techniques that work like magic even if you are not handsome, don’t have a nice car, a thick wallet or a high social status:

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