The Dating Game: What To Do When You Screw It Up‏

You are sitting at the bar with the perfect woman and you said or did something she didn’t like… You just SCREW it up…

In fact, there is a GREAT way for you to ease the tension and get things back on track, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DID. Even if you were stupid enough to check out other women in front of her …

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Allow Her To Vent.

At this stage what you must do is SHUT UP AND LISTEN.

Silence is golden, so don’t interrupt.

Don’t EVER try to explain or justify yourself, as this will add fuel to the fire and make her feel worse.

Just be quiet and let her say her piece.


2. Thank Her.

Yes, I’m serious. Thank her for sharing.


3. Verbally Admire Her.

Tell her that you appreciate her courage in being honest with you, and explain that you know how difficult it is to be straight-up with a new friend.

Using the word ‘friend’ is a subtle way of easing the tension. It suggests that technically nothing has ‘happened’ between you yet, and reminds her that all the fun stuff is yet to come.

4. Paraphrase.

Tell her what she just said. And as much as possible, repeat VERBATIM what she said. This will prove to her that you get her point and that you were really listening.


5 Ask Her If Anything Else Is Bothering Her.

Give her an opportunity to vent completely.


6. Listen Again.

If there WAS anything else wrong, repeat steps 1-5 until she’s all done.


7. Apologize Where Appropriate.

You MUST show that you are willing to take responsibility for whatever it was you did by apologizing.


8. Compliment Her Again.

Ending the incident by COMPLIMENTING HER will give her a nice sense of closure, and will let her feel good about whatever was bothering her.

A great way to do this is to compliment her again for her courage in bringing the matter up. This will impress her with your perceptiveness and caring.

A word of warning: do NOT compliment her on her looks at this moment! The compliment should relate directly to what you were just talking about, so compliment her ability to stay calm even if she’s feeling upset, her directness, her integrity, her self-confidence … etc.


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