Six Easy Steps to Meet Women Online for Free

Do you know what the world’s biggest singles club is? It’s a club that literally has MILLIONS of hot, sexy, available women…

And here’s the even more amazing thing:

You’re already a member of this club!

Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world, and there are a MULTITUDE of women on here!

And I’m going to te teach you six easy steps to find hot girls on Facebook:


Step 1: Understanding the Online Game

What do women want from guys they meet online?

They are not interested in a serious relationship and they don’t want serious talks. They just want to have fun and some good laughs.

It means that you should not talk about serious matters when meeting girls online and you should try to be as much fun as possible.



Step 2: Create a Second Facebook Account

I’m not advising you to do this with your main Facebook account as it can be suspended.

And I’m not saying that what you are going to try here is definitely not harmful to other people, but it’s against the rules of Facebook.

When creating this new Facebook account, be as sincere as possible, don’t try to invent a new name or a new identity for yourself, simply tell the truth and try to look as authentic as possible.

Step 3: Take Great Pictures

If you don’t have great pictures, then your chances of meeting women online are going to be very low.
Women are going to trust you when they see you, so if you upload only a couple of pictures, they are not going to feel comfortable talking to you and having fun with you.

You should not try to look macho or very strange on your pictures. You will like a normal guy who likes to have fun.

Upload photos where you are in social situations, with your friends for example or playing with your dog.

Women really like these pictures that tell them a million of positive things about you such as: you are a very sociable guy, you have a great life and you are fun to be around.


Step 4: Make Your Facebook Account Represents Who You Are

Your Facebook account should be alive and display fun activities that you are doing and fun people that you know.

The less friends you are going to have in your Facebook account, the more it will look fake and suspicious!

You should add a lot of friends and people, have a lot of sharing and also a lot of fun images and fun things that you are doing.

In fact, your second Facebook account should to become your top priority account.

Step 5 : Simply Start Asking Women

In other words, you should invite them to become your friends.

There is one thing you need to understand about Facebook policy:

The more people you are going to invite, the more you will be at risk of getting your account suspended!

Therefore you should only invite two to three people a day, and if you receive a warning from Facebook, then you should wait a couple of days for things to calm down.

Usually, you will not get in troubles if you invite only two to three people a day.

Step 6: Start Having a Lot of Fun with Women

Just start talking to these women and making them laugh.

Do not give too much importance to the outcome of your conversations, just talk to these women, connect with them and have fun.

This is the best way to meet women online for free. Facebook is a great service, and if you are patient enough, you are going to have great success.



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