Online dating: How to Choose Effective Pictures

When it comes to online dating, so many people have a phobia about posting their photo for the “world to see.” Yet the truth is that profiles with photos get a far bigger and better response than those without.

Why is a picture so important?

  • Many people won’t even spend a few seconds on a profile without one. Would you?
  • It shows you’re serious about dating.
  • Your dating site may give additional benefits or privileges to members with photos.
  • Many people simply don’t reply to people without a photo. It’s limiting your chances of success quite dramatically.

I will soon provides some tips on how to pick the best pictures for your online dating profile, but how many photos should you upload? What does the number photos means in a dating profile?

One single photo:

What does the single photo mean? It could mean a scammer that has found photo of a beautiful person on the Internet and used it as his or her profile picture. It could also mean that a person that is not really who they say they are – too young or old, married, etc.

The single photo could also mean that the person behind the profile is lazy. In reality, the single photo profile page is almost identical to that of the no photo page – either very little effort, or there are some secrets in hiding.  Source

Three or four photos:

This person is juggling the right amount of photos. There is a smart pose, a playful pose, and perhaps one of the person with his or her kids. This one enables you to find a number of different things out about them, just by looking at the photos. This is always a good rule to head towards if you are worrying about the photo part of your profile page.  Source

Ten or more photos:

If the person that you are looking at has a million photos of themselves, there is a good chance that they simply love themselves. Either that or they are just trying too hard. It’s probably the latter if the photos are all of them holding their phone in front of a mirror, or plenty of close ups of his face. Let’s be honest about this – there is such a thing as too many photos! Source

When it comes to finding the perfect pictures and the perfect amount of photos, to upload your online dating profile, it’s definitely best to go with the less is more thought. Don’t have too many pictures, and have a good selection of them too.

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