How to Make a First Impression that She’ll Remember

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For successful men, the art of seduction is crucial. It’s about making a first impression she’ll remember, and using that to attract women in any social situation:



If you keep hanging around a woman as long as things are going well, it actually means that you keeps sticking around until things go bad. And leaving on a sore note is actually one way to turn a great flirtation into a non-event!

Always be the one who ends the conversation! If you are able to leave a conversation with a woman, especially when things are going very well, it leaves her with the best possible impression of you. It also proves that you’re not needy and  you look like a guy with options who has a lot going on in your life.

If you want to create more attraction:

  • Always be the first one to leave.
  • Try starting your conversations with a self-imposed endpoint as described in the above video.
  • Remember that ending a conversation doesn’t mean running far aways. Give her a chance to get back to you…

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