How To Approach Hot Girls At The Gym

If you go to the gym you’ve probably found that there are lots of hot attractive women there. Yep there are! After all, gyms are made for people trying to look their best.

Are you under the impression that women do not want to be approached at the gym? Most men think this.

It’s true that the gym has a number of big differences from, say, a bar, or a nightclub, or the street as a place to approach women:

  • Everyone there is focused on working… hard
  • Most people have specific agendas, moving from one machine to the next
  • There isn’t much socializing going on
  • Most women wear earphones / listen to music
  • Women are most of the time using different machines than you (e.g., you’re on weights, they’re on the treadmills / stair climbers / bicycles, etc.)

But girls aren’t any more closed to the approach in a gym than they are in any other place. In fact, women in gyms can be a lot MORE open to meeting new men! So long as those new men approach them the right way.

So there is no need to be shy; the gym is just another place where women are…

Here are 5 tips to approach hot girls at the gym:

1. Show Confidence

Women have kind of an animal instinct for spotting weakness and insecurity in men. You absolutely need to show confidence when you talk to women wherever you might be.

However, it’s especially crucial at the gym. You’re surrounded by men who are either confident or really good at pretending to be.

As a matter-of-fact, self-confidence triggers a submissive emotional response in women.

It will get you laid more than the opposite attitude. It doesn’t really matter if you are not the best option in the gym; it’s important that you think and act as if you were.

2. Start Light

When you make your first contact with a girl, I suggest using a light approach. Start with a playful joke. It’s a good conversation starter because it allows her to relax a little bit and not feel like you’re coming on too heavy. It also helps lowering her guard a little bit. That may be necessary because you are approaching her in a place that isn’t an usual place for socializing.

3. It’s All About Timing

Of course, you don’t want to approach her when she’s in the middle of a particularly intense effort, nor when she’s out of breath on the treadmill.

Instead, you want to find the right moment, get in, get out and make a connection as fast as possible. You’re not going to go on a date here. You’re just trying to banter, flirt a little, have a quick chat, get her phone number and maybe set up a date for a better time.

4. Do NOT Make Compliments About Her Physical Appearance

It’s okay to make compliment s, but you do NOT want to make compliments about her physical appearance. Never forget that the gym is a touchy place.

Women — even those who are in great shape — can be more self-conscious in the gym than just about anywhere else. So tell her that you think she’s cool, that she’s interesting, or give her compliments about anything that has nothing to do with her physical appearance.

5. Get Her Number and Bounce

Time is precious in the gym. So what you want to quickly manage to tell her that you want to get together, hand her your number, ready to receive hers.

Oh… I forgot to tell you something! Do NOT target the obnoxious attention whores. You know what I mean… You remember that girl strategically positioned on the StairMaster, rhythmically climbing ever in a provocative way.

You see them in skin tight yoga pants, perfume, and makeup. These kinds of girls are waiting for direct solicitations, and impatiently relish the shoot down. You don’t want to be turned off by that kind of bitch…

It’s often the more reserved, conservatively dressed girls who will be more receptive to the right dude playing the right game.

Eventually, you will notice that all the most interesting girls try to avoid extra attention in the gym.

Your next step is to put these tips into practice and approach hot girls at the gym.

P.S. Do NOT be the guy who is not working out at the gym… I mean the guy who just stands around and stares at women. Do NOT stare at her when she works out on the hip adducter machine. You will only look creepy, and your chances will end before you even open your mouth.


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