Don’t be NEEDY!

You get a girlfriend. You morph speedily into a someone with no real life of his own.

You stop hanging out with your friends and stops pursuing your hobbies and interests. You spend most, if not all, of your time with your new girlfriend.

You pretty much proves to her that she is the center of your universe and that all you need to be happy is HER.

Translation: NEEDINESS.

Result: she gets scared away/bored/frustrated/tired of this strange clingy man who’s replaced the man she started dating and either breaks it off, or drifts slowly-but-surely further and further away until – you guessed it – she’s broken it off.

Those are the two extremes of ‘bad’ relationship behavior.

But fortunately, it’s not hard to steer clear of either of these mistakes.

Here are 3 tips for ‘good relationship behavior’: how to act around a woman you’re in a relationship with, in a way that not only ensures that SHE STAYS INTERESTED … but that YOU do, too.

TIP NUMBER ONE (and potentially THE most important one) … keep a life of your own that is SEPARATE to her.

Not suggesting that you start playing ‘hard to get’ or arbitrarily say ‘no’ to spending time with her. I’m saying that, when you have a genuine REASON to get out of the house and do something cool THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE HER, then your connection with this woman will flourish for it.

The reason for this is basically to counteract that creeping degenerative disease known as ‘we get on so well that we spend ALL our time together’.

When this happens, EVEN IF SHE SEEMS INTO IT, you can COUNT on it that at some point she will begin to lose interest in you. She’ll start to get bored, those cute little mannerisms of yours that she used to like will become annoying, and trouble will start a-brewin’. It’s as sure as death and taxes, as those old-timey types of people occasionally say.

To avoid this relationship-terminating state of affairs (and count on it, it WILL be the death of  any relationship at some point), all you’ve got to do is not give up on the guy you were before you met this woman.

Time apart spent pursuing the things that make you happy ensures the spark doesn’t leave the relationship, that she stays interested in you, that YOU stay refreshed and happy with your life, and that she has time to go see her girlfriends and drink lattes without feeling like she should be hanging out with you, instead.

Trust me. If you’re one of those guys who ‘drops everything’ when they develop some sort of connection with a woman, you can bet that secretly she’s WISHING that you’d do more of your own stuff so SHE’D feel ‘free’ to go do HER own stuff.



If you want to start dealing with your nervousness and anxiety around women and in social situations, and if you want to learn how to be one of those guys who just ‘gets it’ with the women you’re attracted to, the best place to start is right here:


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