Did You Ever Heard Of Group Dating?


Did you ever heard of group dating? In case you wonder, here what Wikipedia says about group dating:


Group dating is a modern pattern for dating where a group of single men and a group of single women organise a night out, with the hope of forming romantic partnerships. It is most popular in Japan, where it is known as gōkon. In other cultures, group dating is becoming more popular as a safe alternative to single dating (especially blind dating), also helping to ease tension, because both parties will feel more comfortable having the company of their friends



I never tried group dating but I definitely like the idea. I know that an increasing number of people have started to move away from chatting to singles online to attending group dating activities and events where they meet people face to face. It gives them the opportunity to feel the warmth of someone’s “real” presence rather than living in the virtual world of online dating.


Here are 8 tips to make your group dating experience both fun and succesful:

• First Impressions: As you enter the group date venue greet all individually, even if you think someone is not your type.
• Be friendly: Remember you are there to make friends, so be friendly to all. Later on you can decide who you want to talk to and with whom you do not.
• Smile: Nobody likes a plain or irritated face. Be nice and keep smiling. You look beautiful when you wear a smile on your face and that’s a universal truth.
• Listen: Be a good listener apart from being a chatterbox. Listen to all and let them speak their part. Try not to talk over anyone and also give them the opportunity to speak.
• Be yourself: In a group date you simply have to be yourself and relax. It can also promote true acquaintances and builds trust.
• Be Active: Do not be boring, talk about topics that interest yourself as well as others and try not to come across self-centered.
• No Boasting: No need to boast, even if you think you are better than others present on the date, you do not have to boast about your greatness. Everyone can see what you are, so there is no need to put everything in words or actions. You don’t want to come across pig-headed.
• Next meeting: By the end of your group date do not forget to exchange phone numbers so that you can keep in touch with your desired people or person. This helps to expand your network of friends, but remember you should only approach people whom you think you had a reciprocal positive experience with.

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