6 HUGE Mistakes Men Make With Women

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Have you ever had the “magic” just die in an interaction with a woman? You know, one moment it seems¬†like she’s interested, then suddenly you are left wondering what happened.

Ahhh!! What happened?

And better yet…how can you stop it from happening?

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So let’s start again…

Here is a cool video about common mistakes men often do with women:


By the way, I’ve met more than a few men who do another fatal error:

They are too available!

Are you the kind of man who picks up the phone every time that a girl calls no matter how busy you are? Do you sometimes agree to go out with her even if you have other things to do?

If so, you’re making the fatal mistake of being too available to her. Now don’t et me wrong on this, I’m not saying that you should play silly games like “hard to get”.

I’m just telling you that it’s important that you have your own life to live and that you don’t completely rearrange it around her. Being too available to a woman lowers your social value because it shows that you don’t have anything else in your life but her.

It means that that you are either a loser with no life, or a codependent guy who is going to suffocate her with neediness.

What a turn-off!

So if she calls while you are really busy, let her leave a voicemail or pick up and ask her if you can call her back. And don’t re-arrrange your schedule just to fit her into it. This will let her know that you are a real person with a life of his own and NOT an obsessive type who will drag and chain her into their private dungeon.


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