4 Essential Flirting Moves To Attract Hot Women

Do you want to create instant attraction, a feeling that the girl knows she couldn’t outrun you (not that she would want to)? Then today’s post is for you.

For women, attraction is all about “chemistry” and “sexual tension”.

What is “chemistry”?

When a girl uses the word “chemistry”, she’s actually talking about perceiving a man as “naturally compatible” with her because emotional and physical sparks fly when they are together.

For a woman, chemistry is either THERE or IT ISN’T.

What is “sexual tension”?

Sexual tension is the feeling you get when you meet someone you’re already attracted to… but OBSTACLES, ANTICIPATION, HUMOR, and/or other factors come into play that frustrate (and therefore STRENGTHEN) that attraction.

Sexual tension is the combination of being pulled toward a person, but also feeling resistance at the same time.

It’s all about not knowing what’s going to happen, but being on the edge of your seat WANTING for it.

Think of it this way…

If a girl KNOWS she has you right from the moment she met you, she won’t stay interested for long.

But if you manage to keep the mystery and anticipation up, she feels more attracted because you’re challenging, and unpredictable – and that will cause her to constantly think about you.

Now let’s talk about 4 essential moves to create irresistible sexual tension, which will AUTOMATICALLY lead to that magical feeling of CHEMISTRY.

In other words, I want to talk about flirting and what I think that you guys must know about doing it right.

1. Make her feel special

Make her feel like the most special girl in the room

Let me show you what I mean… Here’s my ideal flirting scenario:

You see me from across the room at a party and you come straight to me because you HAD to talk to me.

You didn’t just happened to be standing next to me by coincidence and start a conversation lazily.

It’s clear that you made me your goal. You came to me because you HAD to talk to me.

That attitude makes me feel special. I want a man to be direct and show me that he wants me.

I love when he says things like: “There is something special about you. It’s really fun to talk with you.” Just simple things like that…

The best flirting experience I ever had was when I was talking to a guy in a bar. I made a couple of funny jokes that made him laugh. He looked at me straight in the eyes and asked simply with so much enthusiasm: “What is your name?” It instantly made me more excited about him in return.

2. Show her your confidence

It sounds cliché but it is really essential. I want to see a man who is unwavering in his interest for me. Don’t show me that you’re just coming up to see if I want you back. I would find it pathetic when I feel that you lack self-confidence.

You don’t have to be rude about it. You just need to have an ATTITUDE that says: “Hey, I want you. I’m into you. If you’re into me back, that’s great. If not, too bad for you girl, because I could rock your world.”

3. Be a risk taker

It’s intriguing; women want to know who is this guy that’s after them. Girls love a guy who is willing to put himself out there for their benefit.

4. Take two steps forward, one step back

Here’s the ultimate secret for INCREASING a girl’s anticipation and arousal to create sexual tension.

You see, when it comes to getting turned on, men are pretty much like on/off like switches… but girls are more like volume knobs that must be turned up gradually.

By doing what I call “taking two steps forward, one step back” you can generate sexual tension, and it DIAL IT ALL THE WAY UP.

It’s quite simple:

Whenever you make “progress” in a romantic way with a hot woman you want to attract, STOP. Then reel it back in.

For instance, if you have started holding hands… after a few minutes, TAKE YOUR HAND BACK. Move away from her for a moment.

If you wind up kissing her later, STOP kissing and lean back again.

Get it?

Show self-control, make her feel great and then move two steps forward, one back, and you’ll be doing the MOST powerful thing possible to create sexual tension and increase attraction.

5. Tease her

Women totally LOVE teasing… when it’s done correctly.

I’m talking about giving her a LITTLE BIT of what she wants, then take it away so she want it EVEN MORE.

That type of teasing increases sexual tension very quickly.

Now, there’s a key factor that you NEED to understand about this …

All of it can only be used if you’ve already communicated to her that you’re a MAN. You CANNOT do any of this if you’re speaking like a WUSSY.

I hope you found my tips useful and I want you to put them into practice TONIGHT!


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