3 Tips to Flirt With Women WITHOUT Being Creepy

How can you flirt without being creepy?

Of course, you should never be the kind of creepy dude who stands in the corner and looks at women in a gross desperate way and can’t take their hands off a woman who said that she is not interested.

It’s clear that you are NOT that guy!

Another thing women find creepy is when a man makes eye contact with her without ever blinking.

So you want to focus on making the right kind of eye contact. Do NOT look at her with a hard, intense, unblinking stare. Use a soft, relaxed gaze and smile with your eyes.

Offering a drink within the first moments of meeting a woman could also be interpreted as creepy. Basically you’re saying, “Hey! I just found you, and you are mine. I’m going to f*ck you, but let’s first have a drink.”

That being said…

Most of the time, it’s the high pressure fear that you put on yourself that you would become creepy… that BECOMES actually creepy.

This fear generates self-doubt, insecurity and self-editing that lead to a major disconnect where you stop seeing the woman you are trying to flirt with. Then you become creepy for real…

When a woman labels a man as creepy, what she is actually saying is that something doesn’t feel right with this guy.

He is not picking up on her signs and he is not listening to the words she is saying. He seems uncomfortable and doesn’t even care about her responses to his questions.

She is actually thinking that something is off and something is inconsistent.

That is really creepy…

Just keep in mind that a woman can get a creepy vibe even if the guy comes across as super-confident and very sure about himself. A guy looks creepy when what he is saying isn’t consistent with how he is presenting himself.

So the best way to avoid being creepy is to do these things:

Tip 1: Don’t tell yourself that you are creepy because self-doubt makes you creepy.

Tip 2: Never cover up your intentions and be always open about what you want.

Tip 3: Make sure that your body language is congruent with the words that come out your mouth.

It’s okay to be nervous and freeze up. It’s normal to have your mind go blank. These things aren’t creepy at all.

All you have to do is man up, own it and move forward!

Just openly admit that you can’t put a single sentence together because she is so cute.

Being okay with not being perfect is kind of sexy... So there is no need to fixate on how to hide the fact that her look is making you a little nervous…

Just go forward with confidence, show a little vulnerability and OWN IT!

You’ll see amazing results!

P.S. Oh I forgot to say… Avoid making stupid jokes!

There is nothing creepier than hearing something like “You are so beautiful that I want to be reincarnated as your child so that I can breastfeed by you until I’m 20.” or “Hey can I have a lock of your hair? Cause I want to make a clone out of you. “

But I guess that you already understand what I mean, so there is no need to insist…


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