3 Tips on How to Take Conversations to a Sexual Level

Want to take conversation to the next level and bring it to a physical level so that she knows you’re interested in her?

One way to turn a girl on with words involves turning the conversation sexual. Talking about sex will make her brain to start thinking about sex. And the more she thinks about sex, the more turned on she’ll become.

Knowing you’ve got to turn the conversation sexual is easy, but doing it the right is bit more challenging. It may sounds like a difficult thing to do if you don’t want to look overly aggressive or creepy.

Here are 3 easy ways to do it while keeping the conversation fun and playful:

1. Sexual innuendo

Sexual innuendo involves talking about something that is 100% non-sexual in a way that makes it seem sexual.

Specific words and phrases (something being hard, getting wet, etc) are very appropriate for sexual innuendo. Practice makes perfect: the more you look for words and phrases that could be taken sexually, the easier it is to find and use them.

2. Projecting sexuality

Turning the conversation sexual isn’t enough. When talking about sex most men make one of two common errors.

Mistake #1: They try too hard and make sure to show the woman how sexual they are. It comes across as overbearing, aggressive, and even somewhat creepy.

Mistake #2: Other men go the opposite way. They feel uncomfortable having a sexualized conversation with a woman because they don’t want to look creepy or disrespectful. If you’re uncomfortable being sexual with a woman, she’ll be uncomfortable being sexual with you.

When it comes to projecting sexuality, it’s essential that you’re comfortable with your own sexuality. Show her that being sexual and talking about sex is easy for you. When she notices that you’re comfortable being sexual, it helps her to be comfortable with it as well.

Your awareness needs to be in the moment, in your body, and in your sexuality, not in your head.

Step 3: Touching

You need to make sure that you’re touching her right away in the conversation.

As great as sexual conversation is, you’ve got to actually do something about it at some point. You don’t want to appear as a man who’s all talk and bravado but does nothing. She must see that you’re comfortable getting sexual.

Touch proves that you’re comfortable being more intimate with her. From a scientific perspective, physical touch releases oxytocin in the brain – so just by touching her you’re making her feel good. And the further a girl will allow you to take your touch, the more turned on she’s going to be.

The best way to start touching early with light, playful taps in non-intrusive areas. It makes her comfortable with your touch and you have something to build from. Then you gradually increase the amount of touching you do (both the frequency and duration) and start to touch her in more personal areas (though not too intimate… save that for a more appropriate time).

Touching is so powerful that it can totally transcend what you are saying. You can be talking about something totally uninteresting but if you’re holding her close, gently stroking her hair and face, caressing her thigh, and whispering in her ear as you are talking… then it doesn’t matter what you’re saying, she’s going to get turned on.
If you can make all of this working together – sexualized conversation, showing comfort and confidence in your own sexuality, and touching her – you’ll drive her wild. She’ll become totally turned on and be craving for you to be more intimate with her.


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