3 Things Not to Say When You Meet a Woman

Here’s a few simple examples of what some guys say when they first meet a woman and how she is likely to interpret their words.

Guy: “Can I offer you a drink?”

She hears: He doesn’t think he’s worthy of starting a conversation with me, so he’s trying to buy my attention for five bucks.

Of course, she might appreciate a drink after you initiated the conversation.

Guy: “Are you single? Can I take you out sometime?”

She’s thinking: He didn’t even bother to learn anything about me before offering to take me out. He just assumed that I’m worth taking out. This guy might be really desperate. He might have low standards. He might be only interested in sex. He thinks I’m better than him.

Once again, it may appropriate ask that question after you’ve talked with her for a while.

Guy: “You’re so beautiful. You’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met.”

She’s thinking: Why is he kissing my ass so much? Maybe he’s never really talked to a pretty girl before. Must be a loser.

Women meet these types of guys all the time. Typically, the nice guy makes some kind of offer, acts submissively; then the woman politely declines, and tells her friends there was “just no spark.”

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