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3 Tips on How to Take Conversations to a Sexual Level

Want to take conversation to the next level and bring it to a physical level so that she knows you’re interested in her?
One way to turn a girl on with words involves turning the conversation sexual. Talking about sex will …

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How To Approach Hot Girls At The Gym

If you go to the gym you’ve probably found that there are lots of hot attractive women there. Yep there are! After all, gyms are made for people trying to look their best.
Are you under the impression that women do …

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4 Essential Flirting Moves To Attract Hot Women

Do you want to create instant attraction, a feeling that the girl knows she couldn’t outrun you (not that she would want to)? Then today’s post is for you.
For women, attraction is all about “chemistry” and “sexual tension”.
What is “chemistry”?
When …

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Ninja Seduction Trick That Works Like A Magical Spell!

WARNING: This post describes a controversial seduction technique. Do not read this if you are offended by influence, persuasion and “mind control” tactics. Otherwise, read it until the very end because most dating gurus charge a lot of money for the info …

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